Sous Vide Cooker Machine SV005

REDMOND Sous Vide Cooker Immersion Circulator, Stainless Steel Sous Vide Machine with Accurate Temperature and Touchscreen Timer Control

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Item Weight
3.06 pounds
Product Dimensions
3.14 x 4.52 x 14.33 inches
REDMOND Sous Vide Machine

Keep original taste, preserve food nutrition and flavor

Sous vide cooking is quite versatile and allows you to cook a wide range of proteins and produce. Some of the foods that benefit most from sous vide are steak, different types of fish, pork shoulder and a wide range of vegetables.Sous Vide cooking is one of the hottest new trends in food preparation. Cook evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, Use REDMOND sous vide, food will maintain in its own juices, which leaves the food moist, juicy and tender

Flexible Clip

The clamp on the sous vide cooker secures it fixed on the container. waterproof and stable that can be easily to use for making your kitchen more comfortable and safer. Suitable for all containers

Clear LCD Display

The LED panel shows the temperature and time clearly, easy to set your desired temperature and time based on your food

Water circulation motor

3D water circulation, powerful circulating water pump reatly reduce water press, heat up evenly and keep quiet. 800W powerful motor. Safety overheating protection

Step 1:

Place food in a food-grade sealed bag, vacuum-sealed or zipper lock bag. Add seasonings or spices like herbs, butter, and garlic.

Step 2:

Press “SET” button to set your desired Temp and Time, then press “POWER” button to start

Step 3:

Setiing desired temperature, place the food into water. Start to cook the food

Step 4:

The countdown is over with deep. Enjoy your food with your preferences

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