Sous Vide Machine Cooker SV004

REDMOND Sous Vide Machine, Accurate Immersion Circulator Cooker 1000W, Ultra Quiet, Stainless Steel Precise cooker, IPX7 Waterproof, SV004

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Item Weight
2.94 pounds
Product Dimensions
3.14 x 4.52 x 14.33 inches
Cooking the Perfect Meal is Easier Than Ever

Accurate temperature and time control is the key to sous vide cooking

Allow us to introduce you to our new Sous Vide, with a new, sleek design and added power. With an all new touch control, brushless motor, 1000 watts of power, and an waterproof , this Sous Vide is everything you ever wanted! Cook food to perfection with this Immersion Cooker! Sous Vide cooking is one of the hottest new trends in food preparation. Food is sealed in a plastic bag, which is then placed in a bath of hot water.

  • Technical Specifications:
  • Simple design, incredibly easy to use
  • Exclusive circulating system, almost silent
  • Ultra precise, accurate to ±0.01°C
  • 1000W, heat water much more quickly
IPX7 Waterproof:

Being IPX7 waterproof certified, REDMOND sous vide cooker ensures safe operation and much longer service.

Safety Protection:

1. Motor's overheating protection.

2. It doesn't work when water remains below min mark or above the max mark.

Ultra-Quiet 3D Heating:

It heats evenly through the 3D water flow to keep the whole pot at a constant temperature, ultra-quiet, no noise.

Step 1 : Prep and Seal

Place food in a food-grade sealed bag, vacuum-sealed or zipper lock bag. Add seasonings or spices like herbs, butter, and garlic. For extra flavor, marinate food in fridge prior to sealing.

Step 2 : Cook your Food

Securely clip the sous vide to any deep heat-proof pot or container. Fill water level between Min and Max indicators marked on the sous vide. Connect to power, set time and temperature then immerse the sealed bag.

Step 3 : Sear and Enjoy

Once the alarm beeps to signal the end of cooking time, finish your food by grilling, broiling or searing it in a piping-hot pan, adding a delicious caramelized texture and a more appetizing appearance. Enjoy your restaurant quality meal.

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